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That's according to this article that references an email chain regarding the dispute over roltalties.He is a "name" and well liked (with a good reputation) within the Broadway community.I have no tea, only speculation based on the email above.I believe he likely remained neutral because he was not involved in workshopping the show so he really had no justification or reason to join in on the dispute. It's very clear who Lin is still friends with after all this and who he isn't.I'm well aware of the teenage fandom 'ship', and find it annoying. Both seem to be good hearted, in addition to being hot as hell. Hard to spill anything when there isn't any tea available. Jon is extremely lovey, which Lin seems to be fine with, as it's clearly part of JG's personality.That's not where I got the information I have from at all. Think they amped it up at times for Hamilton, but ultimately Lin is straight & all about his wife, family & work. Online dating app Hinge has released evidence that texting the person you’ve matched with a second time significantly increases the chances of sparking a conversation.While double texting is stereotypically seen as a sign of being overly eager, data Hinge accumulated from analyzing 300,000 conversations suggests that your odds of a response go from one in 500 if you’ve only proffered a solo opening line, to one in three.“I was really surprised,” says Molly Fedick, editor-in-chief of Hinge’s dating advice site IRL.

The only thing "messy" between LMM & Jonathan is that Jon clearly did not want to be involved in the Hamilton cast dispute over royalties & he somehow got out of his Hamilton contract five months early.

“But people are very busy with their lives and may have several connections in their app, so they may take time to respond.

If you’ve already matched with them, the mutual attraction is there.” “Double texting almost always shows determination and a strong interest in the individual,” says Carmelia Ray, the Toronto-based dating coach who stars as a matchmaker on Myx TV’s “Mom vs. dating coach Erika Ettin says that double texting typically doesn’t work on browser-first platforms like OKCupid.

“Don’t put them on the defensive,” says Ettin, who runs online dating service A Little Nudge. A good follow-up on a Friday afternoon for instance, might be inquiring about the person’s weekend plans. “That just means you’re creepy or desperate,” Ray says.

Allow us to introduce you to Saul Goodman in episodes from seasons 2 and 3.

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