Campground biker sex

I still couldn’t say if it’s a common occurrence, but there was one scene….

The cameras were rolling as Trent sat atop a large bolder that rested at the edge of the meadow against a background of thick forest. Luc stepped closer and repeated, “Alex, stop, we’re done!

After helping to set up lights and arrange the set, I did my job of holding a C-light (a wide angled yet mellowly tinted type of flashlight) in one hand while trying to follow the cameras in for the close ups that I might properly illuminate the dark areas.

So this was what my life had become—I was a human fuckin’ pussy lamp. In the mornings I ate huge breakfasts cooked and served by real live Porn Stars.

For those few whose lives emanate from only the back of a motorcycle and the gear stored upon it, the motorcycle rallies offer an opportunity to replenish one’s stash of traveling money. Vacation would certainly be nice; but the winter spent in the hot jungles of deep Mexico, and the trip to Hawaii that followed, had not been free rides. I thought of all the biker-rally vending tents of years past that I’d slaved in while the mobs of leather clad shoppers shuffled through as I’d stood on aching feet and tried to help them find that perfect leather jacket.

But then I remembered…hey, I’m not working for venders this year. Oh yea, watching people The Black Hills lay just ahead now and before long I found myself riding the twisty little hwy-14 that runs though tight nit canyons of thick timber and beautiful meadows.

With its fine furnishings, satellite TV, refrigerator and lower level hot tub the place was undeniably fine.

For there was in this world he loved more than photographing the female anatomy.

This was a refreshing oddity of which I’d not before witnessed in a woman who was, in reality, closer to my own age, but then she was the first Porn Star I’d ever actually known. At the age of 21, Rio Mariah was a South American girl who’d come to the States to make her debut in the adult film industry.

Since then, an insatiable appetite for sex had kept Rio in the limelight as she’d since starred in many triple X films.

A covered wooden deck ran two sides of the center level while above was a top floor and below an additional third that had been built partially into the hillside.

In the driveway sat an SUV, one convert-a-van and a handful of Harley Davidsons.

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