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He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, was sentenced to probation and completed a run of family therapy sessions.

He was arrested for a third time in 2008 and charged with battery after allegedly kicking and hitting his wife.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the head judge confessed that he would consider having Cheryl - who joined him at this year’s Judges’ Houses - back permanently, saying: "Let's wait till the end of the show…maybe [Nicole and Sharon Osbourne] don't want to come back."I wouldn't rule anything out," he added.

Will Smith was arrested in 1989 after being involved in an assault so serious one man was left nearly blind.

The arrest in 2007 occurred after he made an illegal U-turn, and he served 48 days in jail as a result.

Matthew Mc Conaughey was arrested in 1999 and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after a neighbour made a noise complaint.

Stephanie was charged with ''promoting a dangerous drug'' and ''promoting a harmful drug''.He actually ended up going to prison as a result, and served two and a half years.He was later arrested in 1997 for driving under the influence and was sentenced to a year's probation as well as a period of alcohol rehab. Mark Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese men with a wooden stick, leaving one of them blind in one eye.Nicole Scherzinger, 39 - who stars on The X Factor alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne - said that she’s yet to make a decision, but did hint the she’ll most likely be back next year.The singer said on The Jonathan Ross Show: “I’d love to come back if y’all would have me back.

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