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Only by ‘looking at the universe’ was Edwin Hubble able to arrive at the conclusion that the universe is expanding, leading eventually to the development of the big bang theory, and its verification via the discovery of background radiation.Jaggi Vasudev Casts Scientists as Being Ideological Rivals of His Cult Paraphrasing Mr.The Higgs-boson is a part of the standard model of physics and there have been several attempts at explaining the significance of its discovery, such as the video below by Jorge Cham of Vasudev ignorantly claims that 1) yoga attempts to realize the space between particles, 2) scientists seek answers to the same questions (about the space between particles), but have given up on their attempt.The first argument has absolutely no scientific basis.

Through their instructional sermons, blogs, interviews, and other literature, they also dish out unscientific advice about life, health, and diet. Vasudev has recently given a few sermons, which, are plainly speaking, anti-science.In general, the educated middle class (in India and elsewhere) is not educated well enough to reject pseudoscience, yet people remember enough science from high school to be awed by popular (mis)representations.Since most people last encounter rigorous science in high school, much of what one should know about science is forgotten later in life. Vasudev seems to appeal are in this demography and know just enough science to ‘understand’ the dishonest and incorrect (pseudo)scientific claims of self-styled gurus. Vasudev’s cunning and unprecedented use of ‘they’ and ‘us’ to refer to scientists and his followers suggests that he seeks to represent his organization as a ‘only path to ‘-type cult.He tries to cast scientists as being naive outsiders to the supposedly wonderful world governed by the laws described in his pseudoscientific philosophy.In my opinion, the sermons are virulently and dishonestly anti-science.

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