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University is one of the few spheres where people from all backgrounds get the chance to socialise.Tahmineh credits her time at university as the experience that changed her perception of sex and morality.Lawmakers and scholars devote hours to discussing sex, condemning sex and sentencing people for having sex.Mullahs on television and radio philosophise and advise about it, sometimes in surprisingly lascivious detail.Over the past ten years, divorces have tripled in Iran, with one in every five marriages ending – the ratio is even higher in the capital.

It is preoccupied by how and with whom its people are having it.And I noticed that the women who were more independent and had boyfriends seemed happier.I also couldn’t deny my body’s natural needs,” Tahmineh says.Here, a woman’s virtue is the cornerstone of life, and local people blame bad hijab and declining morals for everything from high inflation to unemployment.Women live under constant risk of being branded loose for behaviour as anodyne as laughing too raucously or wearing the colour red.

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