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I shook my head and concentrated on the road again.“We’ll talk about it later,” Jake said. ” Julia sighed.----------The park where the camping ground was situated lay in a valley surrounded by forest.It was a camping ground with modern and well maintained facilities.After we arrived at our camping site, Jake and I set up our tent.I hadn’t been able to borrow a tent for myself in time and I hadn’t felt the need to buy one just for this trip, so I had no choice but to share Jake’s tent.

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But I was glad she didn’t call me out for looking at her body, because I had no idea how Jake would react.“Did someone say something? That would have been more drama than party for me.”“That’s true.

I was just looking down at her butt, trying to see what panties she was wearing, when she turned around and looked at me.“Eyes on the road,” Julia said.“They are.

They are.” I quickly looked forward again and didn’t look sideways for a while.

We were both twenty-two and going on holiday with parents was not the ideal holiday in our books. We might even hook up with some girls also camping there.

I wouldn’t mind some female fun, because I’d just broke up with my girlfriend a month before. I had known Julia for as long as I have been friends with Jake, which must have been about five years. Most of the time she was around when I was at their house to visit Jake, but we didn’t hang out much, except sometimes when we watched a movie.

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