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Dyer was able to go to court in July and get a restraining order, but only after English had already been living next door. 1 to leave, and Dyer believes he is now staying at a motel in a Tulsa suburb.

After Dyer learned that the law didn’t prevent English from living next door, she posted his prison record and mug shot on her Facebook page, telling her followers: “Meet my abuser and my new neighbor.” Dyer’s dad staked a sign in the front yard that cautioned: “Child Sex Offender Harold Dwayne English.” Two arrows pointed to where Dyer was staying next door.

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EDMOND — A convicted sex offender who molested his niece when she was 7 years old moved in next door to his victim nearly a dozen years after he was sent to prison for the crime.

Outraged, the Oklahoma woman, now 21, called lawmakers, the police and advocacy groups to plead with them to take action.

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