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I mean if you can promise the launch date of the site this many times and then not come through, whose to say that once you get a bunch of subscribers that you will actually update the site on a regular basis and give people their money's worth?Indeed, plus it doesn’t help that people close to Rob and the website drop cryptic, ambiguous or sarcastic statements (like Melody and Leyden) and expect fans to settle down.I think this just boils down to pure laziness, complacency and an outright disregard for the faithful fans that are/were really looking forward to the FTVX launch.As I stated before I am really over this and I doubt I will be subscribing...She squirted at the end while fingering her ass."I’m pretty sure (given the bulk of such data) that the raw footages are fine if he practiced basic bulk storage practices and backups but it sounds like the work in progress and finished cuts he made for the site footage got lost, which are a giant time sink if he was the only guy editing the video.You’d think a dentist with a garage full of supercars and years of work would have some decent backup and redundancy procedures for risk avoidance but I guess anyone can get complacent.Description: "This is a private video Claire sent me a while ago showing me how she gets herself off.She was living with her mom at the time so she was doing her best to be quiet which is pretty cute.

It would make no sense for Rob to keep such beautiful content from being released, doing so would not benefit him in anyway.

In the second picture when her head is turned, you don't see the part.

It's a sad commentary that we are all desperate to find new Claire content:( - :)On the other hand, I'd love to know who this model is!

Perhaps he’s selling portions the site and content rights to focus on other stuff and the delays are just the results of boring low drama legal back and forth before the site opens?

I doubt they’ll reply with a source, they probably just dropped the grainy pic of some thin brunette with ballerina in the filename just to stir the pot after ftvx blueballs pt 3 (or is it 4 now? I also agree, her ass is a bit too plump to be Claire’s, old or recent. If it’s her it had to be very old, her hair has been short since before her marriage. Ass looks a little bigger than what we've seen before but that just could be cause she has gained a little weight over the years.

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