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How do presidents cultivate adaptive and culturally responsive leadership within the faculty and staff?

How can trustees, donors, and community and business partners be persuaded to support independent higher education?

What role can presidential spouses and partners play in helping students feel welcome and a part of campus?

Kevin Kruger has served as president of NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education since 2012.

Each participant will receive an individualized critique of the institution’s board bylaws and will begin to draft a trustee education and board development plan.

Participants may break out into groups by subject matter experience for some topics.

What changes should be made to campus attitudes, processes, and facilities to accommodate new student expectations?

How can colleges and universities help entering students adapt and thrive in their new communities?

The Presidents Governance Academy is unique in its exclusive focus on the perspective of the independent college president.

While it respects the distinction between the president’s and the board’s authority, the Academy starts with the premise that the president must have the tools and the mandate to advance efforts with board leaders to develop an effective governing board.

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